• Store and manage content in one system.
  • Upload products, create collections and subscriptions, define pricing and manage every aspect of your digital publishing efforts via your customized publisher portal.
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  • Push digital titles to multiple mobile devices as well as desktops and e-readers for online and offline reading.
  • Cater to retail and institutional end-users with customized publisher's bookshelf apps.
  • Push to info-mediaries and re-sellers with automated, scheduled or manual deliveries.
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  • Create social-sharing widgets for every title to help get the word out and sell directly to retail and institutional readers via your custom online store.
  • Take advantage of previewing, discounting and free trial functions to stimulate sales.
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  • Measure and evaluate business performance with data analytics and reports.
  • Track visitor activity and content usage that’s critical to your success.
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Introducing iPublishCentral 6.0

iPublishCentral 6.0 is the recent release of our award-winning SaaS-based platform iPublishCentral. Anchored around improving the user interface and design, the upgraded version has additional features such as text-to-speech, dictionary look-up, and learning plan creation and changes to admin console.

Spreading Appiness!

Over the years, Impelsys has developed successful eBook strategies for a number of leading publishers worldwide. Given our knack for technology and our intuitive sense for amazing user experience, we build Apps that offer a delightful reading experience to your readers.

Enhanced eBooks

iPublishCentral recently announced support for enhanced ebooks on the iPublishCentral Reader App for the iPad to help publishers address the opportunity of publishing titles that are rich, fun, immersive, and engaging to read.

iPublishCentral for you!

You could be a renowned Association, a leading STM publisher or a favorite Children's publisher, there's an iPublishCentral for you!

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    Digital Solutions in India 2015: The 10th Annual Review by Publishers Weekly

    April 24, 2015
    Welcome to the 10th annual coverage on the India-based digital publishing solutions industry. Here, we survey the latest products, services and technologies available from Indian companies, and also take a close look at a unique startup business and the evolution of e-learning. All this, plus a projects showcase and a brief retrospective on the industry.

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